It’s easy to order a lot of fasteners, but when you order too much it can lead to greater cost, disorganization which in turn leads to missing parts. Not good when you’re trying to keep the operations running. We understand that this can be a stressful situation to be in. That’s why many businesses like yours rely on our Fastener Management System.

We help many businesses to avoid these issues by sending one of our experts to visit your premises once a week to assess what stock is needed. They will ensure you have the correct storage bins, identify each item, provide new labels and rearrange your existing storage bins if necessary.

Following their visit, they will return to our warehouse and pick out your order; ready for delivery the following week. In the event of unexpected increases in usage, we also offer a daily delivery service for any urgently needed items. We guarantee, when needed, we will get any much needed item to you within the very same day of order.

Benefits of the MASFIX Fastener Management System

No need to monitor stock levels, as we do it for you and deliver only what is needed.

More efficient production cycles as the necessary parts are always available.

Close working relationship allows improved understanding of your supply chain.

Reduction in on-site inventory levels resulting in lower costs.

Eliminates administrative burdens such as purchase order generation and forecast management.

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