With extensive experience within a wide variety of industries, M&S Distributors are one of the market leaders for fixings, fasteners and tools in the North East. As our customer’s needs have increased and diversified, so have our products; from fasteners into tools, engineering consumables and hardware.

Founded in 1982 by Ron Slater and George Mordue, and now run by sons Mark Slater and Ian Mordue, we’ve continued to grow and expand; including rebranding as MASFIX in 2016. Our reputation for service excellence has enabled us to build a bespoke 6500 SQ FT unit based on the Newburn Industrial Estate; which means that we can now provide more of the products and services our customers need.

If you’re in need of a fast and reliable service at competitive rates, then we’re the team to call. We have helped businesses like yours across all industry sectors so you can feel assured that we have the knowledge and experience to help you.


If you’re looking to reduce costs, increase productivity and avoid stock-outs, MASFIX can help by managing your on-site stock inventory levels.

Having managed stock for many Blue Chip businesses, we know how stressful fastener management can be. Our Fastener Management System will never let you over-stock or run out of stock. You can rest assured that when you need it the item will be there waiting for you.

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Fasteners for Maintenance Purposes

Fasteners can be needed for many reasons, including for maintenance purposes on existing Plant and Machinery. Whatever your purpose, we carry an extensive range of metric fasteners.

  • Metric fine threads
  • Large diameters
  • Allthread in various lengths & grades
  • Hex head bolts DIN931
  • Hex head setscrews DIN933
  • Socket Capscrews DIN912
  • Csk Socket Screws DIN7991
  • Button Head socket Screws ISO7380
  • Csk Head Machine Screws DIN85 (Slotted) DIN965Z (Pozidrive)
  • Pan Head Machine Screws DIN7985Z (slotted) DIN7985Z (Pozidrive)
  • Cup Square Bolts & Nuts DIN603

If you require imperial thread forms for older equipment we stock:-

  • BSW (British Standard Whitorth)
  • BSF (British Standard Fine)
  • UNC (Unified Coarse Thread)
  • UNF (Unified Fine Thread)
  • BA thread Form

Many of our fasteners are also available in different grades such as :- 4.6, & 12.9

We also stock :-

  • HSS Drills
  • Hand taps
  • Holesaws & Arbors
  • Key steel & Silver Steel
  • Helicoils & Recoils®
  • Thread Repair Kits
  • Loctites®
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Fasteners for Offshore Industry

For many years we have supplied fasteners to our clients in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry. Our industry knowledge has given us the opportunity, to work with the Launch and recovery systems (LARS) that are used in many subsea vehicles today.

The fasteners that we provide fall into 3 main areas:

1. Stainless Steel Fasteners
A2-70, A4-70 and A4-80 made to order fasteners.

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2. Higher Grade Coated Fasteners
10.9 & 12.9 higher grades in steel fasteners in coatings of Xylan®, Everslick® and Geomet®.

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3. European Petrochemical Products in materials such as A193 B7 and A320 L7.

We are able to supply certificates of conformity and 3.1 or 3.2 certification for standard off the shelf fasteners, petrochemical fasteners and special made to order fasteners.

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Fasteners for Sheet Metal Workers

We offer a full range of branded sheet metal fasteners including Hank, PEM, Avdel, Alcoa, Dejond, and Gesipa.

Tooling can be provided for installation and a repair service for these tools.

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Fasteners for the Electronics Industry

MasFix have strong relationships with clients in the electronics industry.
If you have a high volume production, we can supply on a Kanban basis.

Our popular items include:-

  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Brass nickel plated hex standoffs
  • Nylon Fasteners
  • Steel zinc plated Machine Screws
  • Nylon spacers
  • Cage nut kits
  • Sems units (screws with built in washers) for faster assembly.
  • Terminals
  • Cable Management Parts
  • Panel & Trim Fasteners
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As part of our Fastener Management System, we can keep your stock levels replenished as consignment stock. This allows you to have stock available on-site which you only pay for once it’s been used.

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