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Stainless Steel Fasteners

In the realm of stainless steel fasteners, our expertise shines as we specialise in a broad spectrum of high-quality products. Whether you are in search of stainless steel bolts, screws, or washers, our extensive inventory is designed to meet your needs. This category allows you to delve into the diverse range of stainless steel fasteners we offer, catering for various applications and industries.

Our inventory boasts an ever-growing range of stainless steel fasteners, available in A2 (304 stainless) A4 stainless steel (Marine Grade) and A4-80 stainless steel  (marine grade with a higher tensile strength). Our range includes nuts, washers, hexagon head bolts, hex head setscrews, coach bolts, machine screws, socket screws and studding.. Not only do we stock metric fine and metric coarse fasteners, but we also keep imperial stainless steel fasteners on the shelf.

We take pride in offering A2 and A4 class stainless steel fasteners, known for their popularity and widespread use. A2 fasteners are ideal for inland rainwater and fresh water applications, providing durability against the environment. On the other hand, A4 fasteners find their place in marine, coastal, chemical plants, swimming pools, and other harsh environments. Our commitment to quality ensures that all our stainless steel fasteners come from trusted manufacturers.

For applications demanding corrosion resistance, we have a variety of products that you can choose from  . These are especially effective in marine and hostile environments, including sewage treatment works. Our comprehensive stock ensures that regardless of your specific requirements, we have the right stainless steel fasteners with optimal functionality and competitive pricing.

Both A2 and A4 stainless steel fasteners boast a tensile strength comparable to mild steel. However, it is essential to note that neither grade should be used in highly stressed situations. Understanding the distinct applications for each grade enables our customers to make informed choices based on their specific needs.

  • A2 Stainles Steel Fasteners
  • A4 Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • A4-80 Stainless Steel Fasteners

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