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Distinguishing between A2 and A4 stainless steel fasteners is not visually apparent, as both undergo the same polishing process. However, there are intrinsic traits that set them apart.

Referred to as 'Type 316 Stainless Steel,' A4 stainless steel comprises carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, sulphur, chromium, molybdenum, and nickel. These components grant fixings made from A4 steel exceptional resistance to corrosion and reduced reactivity with other materials.

A4 stainless steel fasteners are commonly referred to as marine-grade stainless steel fasteners due to their ability to withstand saltwater corrosion, rendering them suitable for various water-based applications. They also exhibit resistance to salt spray.

In terms of fabrication, cleaning, finishing, and welding, A4 marine grade stainless fasteners offer greater ease. While they are generally pricier than A2 fasteners, their long-term cost-effectiveness shines through due to reduced maintenance or replacement needs when utilised in outdoor settings.

Our range in this category includes stainless steel bolts to DIN931 / ISO4014, stainless steel hex setscrews to DIN933 / ISO4017.

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